Upcoming Events

Photon Systems will be exhibiting and/or presenting at the following conferences and expositions: IFPAC 2020 will be held February 23-26 in North Bethesda, MD.  Leading researchers will convene to present their cutting edge developments in Process Analytical Technology.  Visit us at our booth #511 and attend our presentation “Deep UV Raman and fluorescence control for…

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Robotic Deep UV Standoff Sensors

Robot with stand-off explosives detector

Photon Systems has developed deep UV standoff CBE sensors that are robot-mounted.  Using fluorescence and Raman bands, they enable rapid detection and classification of trace and bulk levels of chemical, biological and explosive contaminants on clothes, vehicles, packages, luggage and other surfaces or liquids.  These sensors provide enhanced situational awareness for soldiers and first responders…

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Deep ocean AUV sensor for trace chemical/biological material

Deep ocean AUV Sensor

The goal of the deep UV chemical seep detector and classifier development is to provide a new generation of instrumentation for real-time, in-situ, detection of bulk and trace crude oil, drilling fluids, and other hydrocarbons and chemicals in natural Ocean water columns without the need to acquire or ingest samples or other complex sample preparation…

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Deep UV Bio Inspection Tool (DEBI-t)


DEBI-T was developed via collaboration between Photon Systems, Inc., Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the University of Southern California and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University under National Science Foundation Funding. The primary use of this unique new instrument is to provide a quick means for characterizing the distribution of microbes in the deep subsurface. …

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