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There is an ongoing need for technologies that protect the health and welfare of the American people in a terrorist emergency by detecting acts of biological or chemical contamination or the use of explosives.   Although there are a variety of techniques to detect these threats, each has some deficiencies, such as inadequate sensitivity or unacceptable false alarm rates.

The Photon Systems sensor technology based on simultaneous deep UV Raman and fluorescence detection allow sensitive and specific detection of known chemical, biological and explosive threats at stand off distances and with daylight operation.

The STANDOFF 200 is handheld and weighs only 9 pounds
Robot with stand-off explosives detector

Key Issues

  • Inadequate Sensitivity

  • False Alarm Rate

Standoff Detection of CBE

Because of the shortfalls of IR and visible systems for standoff detection, shorter wavelength optical methods continue to be attractive to fill the detection CONOPS gap of sensitivity, specificity and standoff.

Trace Explosives Detection

Photon Systems focuses on explosives detection using the combination of deep UV autofluorescence and Raman spectroscopy using deep UV sources that enable compact, low power consuming devices

Suspicious Powders Detection

Real-time, in situ, assessment of suspicious powders and substances on surfaces is an important capability needed by war-fighters and first responders. It is also important to be able to perform these assessments without contact with the suspicious substance or use of reagents.

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