Personal Exposure Monitors

Photon Systems’ wearable personal exposure monitors (PEMs) are near-real-time detectors and time and position stamped data loggers, designed to measure a wide range of hazardous chemical vapors in the breathing zone of the wearer. They provide limits of detection (LODs) about 10X lower than that of photoionization detectors (PIDs) but also provide high specificity to a range of hazardous vapors not possible with PIDs.

The PSI PEMs also have integrated GPS location to provide chemical exposure along with time and position stamping. Application include all applications were the wearer could be exposed to hazardous vapors such as in fuel handling, petroleum extraction and processing operations including fracking, asphalt laying operations, paint booths, burn pits, cigarette smoke, etc.



NaDos is a wearable personal exposure monitor (PEM) and near-real-time environmental chemical exposure monitor with higher sensitivity (<40 mg/m3) than a PID and extremely high specificity to naphthalene vapor concentrations in the breathing zone of the wearer.

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