TUCS 1000

TUCS 1000 is a handheld instrument for providing detection of laser based detection of trace chemical in the fg amount or pg/cm² concentration range using deep UV fluorescence with excitation at 224.3 nm or 248.6 nm.

TUCS 1000 is designed to be employed as sensitive, in situ, autonomous, industrial or environmental monitors. The sensors developed by Photon Systems operate in the deep ultraviolet to enhance their sensitivity and specificity in identifying certain molecular structures such as organic molecules and well as other molecules that are optimally excited in the UV to emit fluorescence and Raman.

Typical applications for TUCS instruments include in situ, real time measurement and characterization:

  • Homeland security detectors for biological and chemical weapons materials;
  • Ultrasensitive organic surface contamination detection in high quality optical fabrication, operating room surface inspection, etc.
  • Cleaning validation for ultra-sensitive reagent applications
  • Water quality in waste treatment plants where the content of nitrates, nitrites, carbonates, aluminates, and other water quality contaminants need to be measured on a regular basis;
  • Well water or ocean water quality: sea farming, well water testing, domestic water quality;
  • Chemical and microbial detection and identification in water, air and or surfaces
  • Quality measurement of synthetic chemical vapor deposited diamond and diamond like carbon films in hard disc drive, super abrasives manufacturing, and other synthetic diamond applications;
  • Quality measurement of epitaxial films employed in microelectronics manufacturing; substrate surface quality.
  • General measurement of targeted chemical compositions in quality control measurements in manufacturing such as adhesives, plastics, organic chemicals.
TUCS 1000 Optics
TUCS 1000 Optics
TUCS 1000 in Antarctica

Key Features

  • Sensitivity

    Fluorescence Limit of Detection is as low as one microorganism at a working distance of 45cm or 100 TRP molecules at a distance of 4cm.

  • Excitation Source

    High power deep UV laser with power supply and digital controller capable of data sampling rates to 30 Hz.

  • Detection System

    6 high gain miniature PMT detection channels used to simultaneously detect LIF and Raman emissions

  • Control and Software

    Ethernet, IEEE485 or RF and Labview operated from PDA or other computer


Standoff Detection of CBE

Because of the shortfalls of IR and visible systems for standoff detection, shorter wavelength optical methods continue to be attractive to fill the detection CONOPS gap of sensitivity, specificity and standoff.

Trace Explosives Detection

Photon Systems focuses on explosives detection using the combination of deep UV autofluorescence and Raman spectroscopy using deep UV sources that enable compact, low power consuming devices

Fingerprint Detection

A major challenge in the fingerprint analysis community is to address the use of a non-contact, non-invasive, non-destructive method. Deep UV autofluorescence imaging translates well to fingerprint detection and morphological analysis.

Cleaning Validation

Pharmaceutical production, food culture industry and other processes that produce products requiring documented high levels of purity and freedom from contamination.

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