Photon Systems: OEM manufacturing and a fully equipped research laboratory

Photon Systems has a well-equipped laser, optical and electronics development laboratory and manufacturing facility at the company headquarters in Covina, CA, 30 miles east of Los Angeles International Airport. This laboratory performs basic research as well as custom and commercial laser device and systems development work. In addition, it has a fully equipped machine shop for special parts and fast lead times. In house equipment includes but is not limited to:

Optical Instruments

  • Optics laboratory with four optical tables and a wide array of optical table hardware
  • A wide array of experimental optical hardware including lenses, optical fiber cables and couplers, prisms, beam splitters, dichroic mirrors, laser optics, etc.
  • A wide range of radiometric equipment including NIST traceable Ophir thermopile and UV enhanced photodiode radiometers, and 4 extended range UV laser power meters.
  • Laser beam analysis equipment including beam shape and position instruments.
  • Optical spectrum analyzer (UV/Vis)
  • A wide array of lasers including air- and high power water-cooled argon, UV and visible helium-cadmium, deep UV neon-copper and helium-silver lasers, GaN diode and diode pumped solid state lasers covering the spectrum from 224nm to 765nm.
  • Virtual pivot and other alignment lasers.

Measurement Instruments

  • 85 meter Instruments SA double monochromator with several UV and Vis gratings and LN2, 2048x512 cooled CCD array detector
  • 1/4 meter Jarrell Ash scanning monochromator with 2240 l/mm grating blazed at 250nm, many PMT’s and associated power supplies and Labview software.
  • 1/8 meter Instruments SA monochromator with 250nm blazed grating and one additional monochromator for laser emission line identification.

Vacuum Instruments

  • Two, 10-9 Torr high vacuum turbomolecular process stations, each equipped with a quadrapole mass spectrometer RGA and several types of capacitive manometer, thermocouple, and ionization gauge pressure monitoring instruments and gas manifolds with a wide array of noble and reactive gases.
  • Three turbomolecular pumped vacuum furnaces capable of 10-9 Torr vacuum outgasing of parts up to 1500°C
  • A high vacuum, cryogenic test chamber for testing lasers and instruments down to –150°C and below.
  • A high vacuum, semiconductor laser test chamber with die temperature control to –100°C, cathodoluminescence, photoluminescence and fiberoptic spectrographic test instruments.
  • Two high temperature hydrogen tube furnaces for brazing and annealing of parts.
Vacuum process station
Vacuum process station

Life Science Instruments

  • CVI/Spectral Products computer controlled spectrograph/monochromator with variety of CCD and PMT detectors
  • Ocean Optics spectrograph and UV/Vis fiber coupled light sources, spectrophotometer, etc.
  • LabView 7.1 Virtual IInstrument software and many types of recording instruments
  • Stereo 800X epifluorescence microscope with high intensity microscope illuminator and digital camera
  • Several low power production stereo microscopes
  • Broadband fluorescence excitation sources plus excitation and observation filters.
  • A wet chemical laboratory with 18 megohm DI water, flow baths and a large ultrasonic cleaner and fume hood.
  • A biochemistry laboratory with fume hoods, autoclaves, centrifuge, furnaces, scales, sample prep equipment, etc.
Test Tubes

Manufacturing Equipment

  • A clean room with two Class 100 laminar flow benches, spot welders and other assembly equipment, autodessicating storage cabinet, drying oven,
  • Multiple oscilloscopes, associated probes, and other electronic test equipment.
  • A wide range of laser power supplies including two Velonex pulsed-power sources, and wide array of laboratory and production power supplies.
  • Wide array of desk and notebook computers, peripherals and software: Office 2000, SolidWorks, CadKey, Labview, OSLO optical design software, Solstice optical design software, etc.
The cavity optics for a deep UV laser are the most critical component.  They are stored under controlled humidity and temperature.
The cavity optics for a deep UV laser are the most critical component. They are stored under controlled humidity and temperature.
Lasers are assembled in the clean room
Lasers are assembled in the clean room
Laser being readied for cavity alignment
Laser being readied for cavity alignment

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