The MOSAIC DUV Fluorescence Mapper is a small size, light weight, lower power system focused on detection and classification of ultra-trace concentration of organic contaminants on surfaces such as high-performance optical components, semiconductors and other manufactured surfaces susceptible to ultra-trace levels of contamination.

A major driving motivation for MOSAIC is the ability to spatially map or image chemical contaminants of critical component surfaces as part of QA processes.

A second driving motivation for MOSAIC is real-time detection of contaminants in liquids or water.

A third driving motivation is the ability to detect and/or map biological material on surfaces or in water.  This is not possible with other methods, including 1064nm, 785nm or 532nm Raman methods.

The MOSAIC includes:

  • Deep UV laser and controller
  • 6-band deep UV detector with 8-decade dynamic range
  • Automated XYZ mapping stage
  • Context imaging camera
MOSAIC DUV Fluorescence Fingerprint Scan
MOSAIC DUV Fluorescence Mapper
MOSAIC DUV Fluorescence Mapper

Key Features

  • Extreme Sensitivity

    PMT array detector with multi-channel gated boxcar integrator/averager allows >8 decades of dynamic range and ability to detect chemicals down to the low ng/cm2 range

  • DUV Laser Excitation Source

    248nm high power deep UV laser with power supply and digital controller is capable of data sampling rates to 40 Hz.

  • Depth of Focus

    Large depth of focus from 30mm +-2mm

  • Motorized Imaging Stage

    50 x 50 mm motorized XYZ stage with 2 micron registration


Trace Contamination Detection

Deep UV fluorescence detection offers significant advantages for organic trace surface contamination detection.  With laser based detection, the limit of detection can be well under 1 nanogram per square cm. Through the use of multiple detection bands, multiple contaminants can be detected.

Trace Explosives Detection

Photon Systems focuses on explosives detection using the combination of deep UV autofluorescence and Raman spectroscopy using deep UV sources that enable compact, low power consuming devices

Optical Scattering

Photon Systems has developed a unique instrument to measure the deep UV non-specular scatter properties of optical elements, including gratings, mirrors, filters, etc.

Fingerprint Detection

A major challenge in the fingerprint analysis community is to address the use of a non-contact, non-invasive, non-destructive method. Deep UV autofluorescence imaging translates well to fingerprint detection and morphological analysis.

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