Photon Systems lasers, LEDs, and detector products are useful in a wide range of applications in the deep ultraviolet. The major application areas are:

  • Biological Detection and Analysis, including virological analysis, yeast detection, pollen detection, microbial contamination detection, geobiology detectors, fungi detection, deep ocean research, biological imaging, biological calibration of instruments and bacterial cell and spore detection.
  • Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is a separation technology, which can cleanly separate trace samples as small as 1 pL (10-12 L), whether they are ions, small molecules, or large biomolecules. Detection sensitivity has been the primary system limitation for this technology. However, using deep UV laser induced native fluorescence (autofluorescence) detectors, detection limits are approaching zeptomole (10-21 mole) level.
  • Chemical Detection and Analysis, including trace contamination detection, protein detection, trace organic compound detection, chemical instrument calibration and catalysts, zeolites and metal oxides detection.
  • Cleaning Validation, including pharmaceutical cleaning validation, food equipment cleaning validation and cleaning validation of surfaces.
  • Forensics, including forensic palynology, narcotics detection, forgery detection and crime scene detection.
  • Geology and Petroleum, including crude oil analysis
  • Optical Instruments and Testing, including optical scattering, optical surface measurements, optical reflection properties and DIY deep UV instruments.
  • Personal Exposure Monitoring, including VOC and naphthalene detection and monitoring .
  • Process Monitoring and Control, including yogurt fermentation process control detection, industrial process control detection, fermentation monitoring, process analytical technology (P.A.T.), and beer brewing process testing.
  • Product Quality Testing, including wine quality testing detectors, wine aging testing, pharmaceutical product testing and manufactured food quality testing.
  • Security: CBE, including trace explosives detectors and standoff detectors for CBE.
  • Semiconductor Testing, including wide bandgap semiconductor photoluminescence and optical beam induced current.
  • Spectra Library has the fluorescence spectra and Raman spectra of a variety of materials, all on one page.
  • Water and Environmental Quality, including trace water contamination detectors, nitrate and nitrite detection and environmental contamination detection.
Pharmaceutical Worker At Work

Cleaning Validation

Pharmaceutical production, food culture industry and other processes that produce products requiring documented high levels of purity and freedom from contamination currently rely upon expensive time consuming techniques to validate  cleanliness.  Photon Systems deep UV based fluorescence systems offer a dramatic reduction in the time and cost of cleaning validation.

Security: CBE

The Photon Systems sensor technology based on simultaneous deep UV Raman and fluorescence detection allow sensitive and specific detection of known chemical, biological and explosive threats at stand off distances and with daylight operation.

Forensics and Narcotics

Deep UV detection methods addresses the need to provide non-invasive, non-destructive and non-contact instrumentation and methods to enable the ability to rapidly detect and identify items of forensic interest.

Personal Exposure Monitoring

Photon Systems has developed a miniature, inherently safe, wearable, direct reading personal exposure monitor to detect, differentiate, quantify, and log naphthalene and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with high sensitivity and chemical specificity.

Semiconductor Testing

Photon Systems Deep UV lasers and photoluminescence/Raman spectrometers are used  for wafer and epitaxial layer testing including photoluminescence spectroscopy, surface photo voltage spectroscopy and deep UV reflectivity. Our lasers have energies up to 5.54eV for wide bandgap semiconductor testing.

Process Monitoring and Control

Photon Systems deep UV detection systems are used for process control applications in the bioreactors and other industries for precise real-time control of critical processes using direct optical measurements.

Water and Environmental Quality

Photon Systems Deep UV Lasers enable on-line real-time detection of chemical and biological contamination in water and the environment.

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