Cleaning Validation

Pharmaceutical production, food culture industry and other processes that produce products requiring documented high levels of purity and freedom from contamination currently rely upon expensive time consuming techniques to validate  cleanliness.  Photon Systems deep UV based fluorescence systems offer a dramatic reduction in the time and cost of cleaning validation.

Pharmaceutical Cleaning Validation

Detecting and quantifying trace residue concentrations of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), excipients, and washes during cleaning validation procedures on pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment is one of the single largest costs associated with the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs.

Food Equipment Cleaning Validation

Traditional methods of food equipment cleaning validation include microbial assays and visual inspection.  However, these techniques have limitations. Using deep UV fluorescence techniques, Photon Systems handheld detectors are capable of detecting trace organic residues as low as pg/cm2 and biological contamination less than hundreds of cells or spores.

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