Deep UV Solutions to Detect, Identify and Quantify

Photon Systems deep UV Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy systems solve the toughest detection and identification challenges on Earth and beyond

Featured Applications

Whether it is measuring residual pharmaceutical ingredients, photoluminescence analysis of wide bandgap semiconductors, or stand-off detection of trace explosive, chemical and biological agents, Photon Systems deep UV based systems provide real-time, accurate solutions.

Pharmaceutical Cleaning Validation

Real-time in situ measurement of residual active pharmaceutical ingredients, washes and excipients is now possible with Photon Systems deep UV detection

Standoff Chemical, Biological and Explosives Detection

Photon Systems deep UV fused Raman and fluorescence hand-held stand-off detectors allow sensitive and specific detection on a variety of backgrounds with daylight operation

Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Photoluminescence Testing

With photon energies of 5.0 or 5.5eV, the Mini PL/Raman is the perfect tool for wide bandgap semiconductor photoluminescence testing.

Featured Products

Photon Systems manufactures innovative, compact and efficient deep UV lasers and deep UV Raman and/or fluorescence based detection systems

News & Case Stories

Photon Systems instruments are advancing the frontiers of science and technology around the world with deep UV enabled measurements.  Here are some examples of custom instruments developed by Photon Systems and news/upcoming events:


Upcoming Events

Photon Systems will be exhibiting or presenting at the following conferences and expositions: Photon Systems will present the paper:  Deep...

Photon Systems Celebrates 25 Years!

Two longtime colleagues, William Hug and Ray Reid founded Photon Systems 25 years ago, in June 1996. In a fashion...
Rover in Landing

Photon Systems Laser Lands On Mars

The Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover successfully landed on Mars February 18, 2021. The rover, with the SHERLOC instrument landed in...

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