The Benefits of Photon Systems Deep UV Technology

Fluorescence-Free Raman:  When excited between 220 and 250nm, Raman emission occurs within a fluorescence-free region of the spectrum, eliminating obscuration of weak Raman signals by fluorescence from the target or surrounding materials.

Reagentless, Non-Contact and No Sample Prep: Since energetic UV photons generate autofluorescence and/or Raman emission, no reagents are required.  No swabs, no dyes, no probes, no consumables.  Which means you save time and money.

Simultaneous Raman and Fluorescence Detection:  When excited in the deep UV,  Raman and fluorescence emission occupy separate spectral regions.  Detection can be done simultaneously, providing an orthogonal set of information, which means better sensitivity and specificity.

Better Detectability: Rayleigh law and resonance effects increase Raman signal strength and sensitivity for detection.  The deep UV Raman cross section is over 1000X greater than visible or IR Raman cross sections.

3D image of cube standing out of the crowd.

Penetration Depth: In the deep UV, the penetration depth into the target is short, providing spatial/spectral separation of the target material from its background or substrate.

Solar Blind:  Detection in the the deep UV eliminates ambient light background and enables daylight detection for stand off applications.  In addition, Photon Systems gated detection electronics further improve the daylight signal to noise.

Efficient and Cost Effective:  Photon Systems deep UV lasers cost 10 to 50 times less and use 10 to 1000 times less power than other deep UV laser sources. Systems based on this technology are now practical, portable and can be battery powered.

Rugged and Reliable:  The Photon Systems deep UV laser has been selected by NASA for the Mars 2020 Rover as part of the SHERLOC Detector. In the process of engineering our lasers to withstand the vibration and acceleration of rocket launch and the cold soak of deep space, improvements have also been made to our terrestrial products.  Now you can employ space qualified deep UV technology at a down to Earth price.

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